July 16, 2008

finally time fer me t settle down evriting. been @grandpa funeral fer e pass 5days &it finally came t an end. &thanks t all who rilly cared so much fer me these couples of days. had olevel chi listening ytd so was unable t send grandpa off t 'chuping hais. hope i din disappoint him with my exam instead though i thought e paper was kinda easy. ahgong left me a gold ring &im sure im gona keep it close t me no matter what. who ever wana steal it wil b curse ferever i swear. thrs sch variety concert tnight bt din go. slept fer t whole afternoon. din had a gd slp at all these few days. my panda eyes &eyebags r getting worse. freak. wil b gg bacc t sch tmr. guess i miss out lotsa stuffs boohooooo :( i wana go shopping this weekend &release myself. anybody on? i wana get a new bag! ewww.

pictures of last fri out with lx.

dont tell me you're sorry cos you're not