July 06, 2008

hello, sorry fer e late post again. this gonna b a pretty long one so please bear wit me. if you dont feel like reading den look let e pictures do e talking cos ive uploaded quite a nos of them Loll. anw.. jus t inform you ppl ive deleted my friendster fer some reasons. yes ,i regreted it :( bt yeah its over so... chill. i tried putting my tagboard board up bac in my blog bt it failed :X wil try some other time i guess.

this week is coming t an end again,so fast.bt ive done somuch of catch ups &all so im so contented K. tue was musical night. posted e pictures few days ago bt din had chance t blog bout it. musical wasnt tt interesting afterall boohooo. after musical had supper @ old market? ha. lau pa sa i meant den bused &cab home hahaha. wed was a sch holi due t good results of last yr Nlevels so yeah!~ movies with gfs. you dont mess with e zohan was hilarious :D i was laughing non stop i swear. went hm early tt day cos theres sch on e following day.

had olevel chi oral on thur. reading wasnt tt hard bt e conversation was bloody hell. screwed up :(( e topic was bout youth olympics thingy arghhhhhhhh. so chickennnnnnnn. impossible t get a merit alr. roarrr. after oral walked t central wit cia anna shaun kz &had some hearttalks i guess. my heart jus felt so pain tt day. bought sushi den hm.

fri was a bore. sch sch remedial remedial. &we din talked at all. after tt went hm change den lx place. had some little talkouts &conflicts again bt we're fine now. home @11pm den ran out at bout 1am again t meet alicia t town. din went hm tt night ton til morning though we were both so tired. caught the strangers. i fell asleep at e start of e show bt e soundseffect wakes me up laaa. e movie was so scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy la! nice(: cabbed bacc at 6am in e morning. send cia bacc t amk den t lx place again. the cab fare was $25.6! bt i din had t pay again hahaha. slept over den home in e noon.

&there it goes half of my sat. home den straight t bath cos i was caught in e heavy rain,den out t meet anna. j8 t do e name tags stickers fer gana &co,shop ard den bacc t amk. home at 730pm den met howkiat @9pm watch getsmart. you know what im gonna say. nice show bt yeah this is freaking nice! i grade 4stars K! e movie ended @bout 12 den hm t watch guess5. wanted t blog last nice bt was way too tired so went t bed @1 &slept t 1 tday ahahahahaha. jus bacc fer tutorial ewwww. boring. gonna meet creature later fer prata! yeahyeah. gonna go do some houseworks now first cos sis coming bacc from guangzhou tmr. hope she gets me lots of presents TEEHEEHEE. gonna go now. hope you enjoyed readin my boring post. love t all all! &flying kisseszxzsxzszxzs! Lollll. muacks(:
oyah. tmr a holi too cos ytd was youth day so... happy youth day people. stay happy ferver &ever :DDDD