July 27, 2008

sorry people fer those who are waiting fer me t send you all e racial harmony pics &uploading it in my blog. my sis took e dig cam away &hasnt been hm these few days so i'll upload it asap when she bacc k. sorrysorry.

fri celebrated racial harmony in sch &we had real great fun K. took lots &lots of pics. i wonder hw im gona upload all of them ewwwww. after sch had pepperlunch with gfs @hub &evry single one was staring at us in our costumes LOL. home bathe den dwn t 2000th place fer my surprise! hahaha. he actually cook fer me! nt tt tasty bt stil thanks dear!(: watch my last espisode of yi qie wan mei den he send me bacc hm @ 11pm.

sat, woke up at 1pm ,prepared den meet bf t tak off my stitch bt e doc wasnt ard so went fer mac instead den t anna's hse t meet her den the rest. bought snacks &mat den off t fort canning fer concert ballet under e stars(: im sure e girls gt a v great experience thr ytd(: went off @930 den t thomson pub t celebrate ying's advance bday though it din turn out v well cos i dont like those kinda place. wil b celebrating wit her on wed again i guess(: bacc hm at 1230am den straight t bed.

finally took off my stitch tday! it freaking cost 15bucks jus t take off them like 3mins? i thought it was free lah! grrrr. love acc me thr den brought me t old airport road fer lunch den suntec. mak a big fuss outta no where hahahaha. i felt so bad now. i wanted t go far east instead of suntec cos i wana buy my 45bucks bag yet love dunno :( how sad. in e end when he found out bout it & he brought me thr ... LOL. bt no more! ha. bring me t wisma &bought agnes b landyard cardholder! LOL. what a gd exchange! he doesnt even seems t like it i guess bt i ask him t buy tgt wit me so tt we can use tgt. he got no choice bt t pay fer 2! i suddenly felt so love(; omgomgomg. why m i always so demanding &ppl treating me so good? hahahahahahahahahaha. loveyou dear. njoy e bbq tnight though i cant go :(

slp early ppl , thrs sch tmr. had enough of fun time t study b4 howkiat starts t nag again. buhbye! Loves(: