July 19, 2008

ytd after art sup lesson went hm den down t cheryl hse fer muffins baking due t alicia mummy bday &she wants t b a filal daughter Lolll. though it was rillyrilly fun i guess(: headed t ntuc first b4 gg her hse &i made a nuisance out of myself by sitting on e trolley hahahaha. anw.. e muffins din turn out t b v nice bcos of e choc we add mix wit e blueberry muffin :X bt stil it was edible K. finshed evriting @7 den t hub t meet creature fer dinner den hearttalks. was t bored after tt aso ask qh t lend us his bicyvle &we went cycling during midnight. creature was power! she could lobang me bt i cant :X bt we almost gt kill in a car accident Loll. a uncle stop his van &said 'xiao mei! bu yao zai ma lu wan!' Lolololololol.
tday was suppose t meet beeying &creature t go out t buy our costume fer racial harmony den meet lx fer movie &dinner BUT... arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. i cut my left hand index finger before i wan t shave my eyebrownwit e blade. e worse cut everevereverever! went 608clinic &e doc says i hav t go t hospital fer stitches! yes! tt serious you cant believe how deep was e cut until i could see my freakingbones!!
&i cried like hell LOL. JT came den bring e 3 of us t another 24hrs clinic fer stitches. waited fer like 3hours? god damn tingy! plus i was alive when e doc stitch! i wasnt dead! HA. had 4injection &4stitches :((( stil painful now :( bt i stil went out after tt. t little india ,chinatown den bacc t amk den cia hse after tt hahaha. hope my hand wil recover asap GRRRR!
gg t watch guess5 now bbyes (: