August 03, 2008

god damn ting my panda eyes is getting worsen :( ewwwww. i need mtm! LOL

fri went t watch money no enough2 wit love @vivo. uber nice can?! Loll. i laughed &teared like freaking much hahaha. awesome show so go watch k ppl! rush all e way from vivo t dearie place @puggol t catch e 9pm show last episode. i jus realised normally last episode show aint tt nice lah :X

sat celebrated mummy's advance bday. her bday is on e 5th &so yeah, had bbq so invited gfs &all. britney is such a pain, she whines &throw tantrum more than me Loll. anw,, happy advance bday mummyyyyyyyyyyy <3

sunday which is tday, went t eat @beeying's aunt place den temple t pray with her &creature. bacc t amk den met up with alicia &went nebo fer snacks + games. pretty cool place i guess(: den zw came t study wit creature &saw ianT kieth thr o.O &&first time seeing my bro appearing in amk hub Loll. tt kuku zw told him tt he was my bf arghhhhhhhhhhhh. btw.. did you ppl bought e sunday times tday? my sis on newspaper lah! pg23. go read it &if anyone of you all wana buy insurance can tel me Loll. my sis said bout we these three step siblings inside too LOL.

alright, had a longggg day alr. so im gona go slp soon cos my idiotic panda eyes jus wont ever go offffff. chichennnnnn. bt hurray! tmr gt pe lesson which mean i dont hav t iron my uniform! yeah! so.. byebye! love all :D

like you say, god didnt made men perfect &so its you