August 31, 2008

hasnt been talking any photos these couples of days &gottan e rest of e pics so yeah ,no pics t upload = save time Lolll. hasnt been blogging bout my beautiful life details lately yeah. bout love's bday &creature's one. bt thy was good i guess(: dinner with his family &friends &bbq fer her bday ha.

bbye t eng chi ss &sci prac. over like finally.gonna cont after my one week holiday yo. had studyplans wit anna e other day &it turns out more like an eating session :X anww. before i fergot. happy teachers day again xoxo!teachers are loved(: (i meant some only)

watch 4bia ytd with love &it was rilly DISGUSTING LAHHH! damn terrifying lah. i guess most ppl had watched alr so you guys should know bah. had lunch @balestier wit bf, den cine fer movie den serangoooooon fer icecream. thanks dear!~ tday had tution fer 1 1/2 hours only LOL. den out with sisters t orchard &got a new hat! superb gappy. aftermath, bacc t amk t meet up with gfs. was supposed t go chompchomp eat wit them bt, sis asked me out so i gave tt a miss &earned a free dinner @crystal jade again(: im so gonna bring anna go oneday cos she nv go b4 :X ewww.. im having a headache again nw, so sad. i miss working suddenly cos i need some cash :( sadded.

i wana buy a new bag despite of having so many bags :( ewwwwwwwwwwww. more birthdays coming up. realreal broke :( i wan go slp alr lo. my head bursting LOL. blog again soon. goodnights!~