August 17, 2008

hav you ppl watched e table tennis final? it was magnificent! though singapore lose in all e rounds bt thy was stil soso barvo lah! sliver isnt tt bad too anw(: hope you ppl had watched cos i jus think tt it was pretty nice. had been studying real hard these few days. fri had atr prelim, totally flaunt bt stil yeah, its over mansxzsxzs. sat studied wit anna nic &cia den meet dear at night. love gt me a new sch bag a watch &tibits. gosh ,im happy again. long time since ive gt presents hehehe. had tution this afternoon den off e study with gfs after tt. rushed hm @730 t see this match. now wat? nightmare so soon gona starts tmr again. sch, remedial, night class &tutorials wooooooooooof! xoxo. dont feel like sleeping so early. mayb gonna watch cont watch my sky of love later ha. gonna go. blog again soon buhbyes(: