August 12, 2008

olympic so rocks tt it keeps me away from study lah Loll. e soccer match between belgium &china made me so fuming tt i almost went into e tv & smack them Loll. e belgium are all so rough &violence! in case you duno this e first time im actually watching a full soccer match so yah. i like e swimming one, tao li was great K though she din did tt well in ytd event. the best of all was e gymnast! e japanese are all so handsome! y? tel me y? hahahaha. &hurray thy gt second in placing (: now, weightlifting... eeeek so boring i dont like. okay, enough of crap. gg for durians now den tution phewwwwwwwwwwwww :(

anw.. gt bacc chi olevel results. anna me st &alicia all gt c6 &needa retake so chillllll. anw.. congrats t beeying fer her great effort put in fer tt A2! veg veg veg Loll :X