September 04, 2008

celebrated anna's bday ytd! happy belated bday sweety(: hope you njoyed ,knew you njoyed so gt nth better t say alr. hope this memories wil stay there even if oneday we go seperate ways after ous sec sch life yeah. i uploaded some pics here only cos im reilly way too lazy.. hahaha. go to anna's blog if you wana see e rest of e pics K.

went sis's office this afternoon t help her wit some paperwork &it was rilly a killer roar. i went burger king alone t hav my lunch before gg thr. i swear i look like some kind of emo kia lah. boohooo. im home now. gonna do some art &math now cos i dont hav time alr! gonna submit my art nxt mon howhowhow? i cancelled my tution on sunday alr bt stil its on ,on sat. tmr gg out wit love! i wana go eastcoast bt im scared tt it wil rain :( hope it dont. imissyou dear hahaha(: opps. gona finish watching my 7pm show b4 i start t do my ABIT of art mansxsxsxs.

my sassy girls movies tickets LOL