October 10, 2008

hello weekend? :) this week is like freaking damn fast lah. i cancelled my tution tmr. its was suppose t b @ 9am &i know im gonna b v tired so nah... nono ha.

i hate sciences ,rilly. thy are chickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. i practically dun even know a single shit from sec3 til nw i guess &so i self declare drop science lol. i know i know science is important bt i rilly dont know can?! if i dun hav t go fer my science papers = i dont hav t go fer praticals , phy paper, chem paper &MCQs paper lah hahahahhaha. bt i know this is impossible. if i were t skip practical i tink teachers wil b dialling up my hse e whole morning :x

anw, i went amk t eat pizza hut wit anna tday &im happy cos i spend 50bucks tday jus in amk hub lol. i bought dress shirt &gt my eyebrown trim yipppeeee!~
im done with my ideas or exploration fer art. one page down, jus 6more t go! gonna research on my topic this weekend &draw them if i hav e time. anybody wana help?? lolololololololol
monday last day of sch ,hope t hav fun then yeah. boo, im sure im gona miss my lovely class:(
tmr gg meet dear fer dinner. yeahyeah ^^
ok, gonna go study abit nw. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

loves ,esther