October 27, 2008

i jus realise tt my recent posts are all words. soso wordy. hell. im resisting myself from taking photos bt i din know it was like fer sucha long period of time alr lol. so i stayed homey e whole day except gg fer tution this morning at 9am. i tel you i was death beat tired this morning cos i slept at 2+ am last night. i was so afraid tt i couldnt wake up today so i set six alarms &i mermerly continue t set them even after e last one rang hahaha. thy were like 0800 0805 0810 0815 0820 0825 0830 0835 0840 i swear. in e end i woke up at 840am &stil uber tired. &i went tution without bathing :x sorry. i know i shouldnt b mentioning this bt im gona b late so.....

bac home at 11 &wasnt feeling a lil bit tired at all alr chickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. i was kinda furious with my body! so bac t bed only at 1300 &all e way til 1430 &had my first meal at 1730 :( so sad right. bought hokkien mee &its super nice :) im always falling sick &i know why now cos im always treating my body like this. den 10pm sis bought my fried fish filet teehee :x &im stil hungry after tt so start munching 2bananas(reminds me of anna LOL) &grapessssss :) cool right? fruits are good fer health so i should eat more though most of e time i ate them only ive gt nothing left t eat :x

i had been doing art fer e pass 6hrs &it dont seems t hav much progress cos im always treating myself so good &giving myself breaks inbetween. i was doing SALAD with sis jus nw &it was fun. i ate quite alot again :x okay, so we boiled carrots, crab meat, macaroni. cut e celery. den we throw everything into a huge bowl &start mixing! mayo ,babycarrots ,babytomato ,macaroni ,celery ,crabmeat &lastly e veg called alpha? i dontknow e name bt its nice. i dontknow why sis called it alphaalpha & i dontknow if it is spelled this way xoxo. bt it delicious i swear:) you ppl can try at home too. i feel like eating now again :( how? guess should b sleeping soon t stop me from eating anymore if nt im gonna get tummy upset againnnn.

anw, we went out t study ytd at mac &while e was on e way bacc home wit my lil bro's dinner. this v huge stray dog walk passed me! i tel you my heart stop beating fer tt v moment cos i thought tt e dog could hear me breathing. how dumb bt it was true K. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i can stil rmb e face now. b huge v black v dirty lol. luckily it didnt attack me. i bet if anna or alicia was there thy wil CRY (hehehe) :PP

im missing dearie so much now when i only see him 2days ago :( i hope my exams end soon so that we gt more time tgt &more more outing. &i hav t mention this, he is one of e sweetest thing on earth! though not everything i say he listen (which should be e way) bt he gets me evry single lil thing i wan &willing t do evrything fer me. i somehow think im important t him now. so yayyyyyyyy :) nt only with him bt with my gfs &classmates too!thy are lovelydoveys KKKKKKK. right?!!! :)

guess ive blog a long one again sorry. i jus felt like typing :) ok. shall stop here bb :)

loves ,esther