October 01, 2008

its 110am &i stil cant gets t bed. ive been on e com fer e past 2 hours viewing friend's blog etc. whoohoo. tmr gg watch movie with gfs(: anyone wana join? think you ppl watch mamamia alr right? both my sis said it was awesome &so im gg t watch tmr though im so broke can. i wana catch movie with dear on sat too(:

i haven been studying fer e whole of tday. tday &tmr = rest days! lol. i think im giving myself too many breaks. bt stil i wil try t mug t e max e nxt couple of days. ive gt whole chunk of geo notes &thy are rilly killer. gonna read them up tmr if i hav e time.

you know what? im so looking forward t e celebration after Os. hahahahaha. it haven even started &im thinking bout all these. i know im dumb. i duno if i should go for prom because its gonna cost a bomb if sis dont wanna pay fer me , i duno if i should go bac botakjones t work cause thy wil b deducting e pay into cpf, i duno if i should cut my hair or let it grow, goddamn shit. so sad so sad so so sad. i jus know i wil b uber happy after my Os K. so add oil ppl. its less than a month before exams. even if i dont do well i stil wish e best fer everyone(:

mummy says tmr dinner gonna order kfc delivery so im gonna b hm early tmr night :B
before i fergot. once again selemat hari raya!
&happy children's day t me!~ (i miss childhood when i gets lotsa presents from teachers :'C)
hehehe, ok goodnight x)

loves, esther