October 05, 2008

there goes my weekend again :( bt im nt gg sch again tmr i guess. nt skip sch its jus tt my 8lessons = 2lessons of studying only. PE = free ART = free cos we hasnt gt e qns fer paper2 yet MATH = free cos mr gana let us do our own maths revision. so i hav only left wit eng &i so wana go though i dont rilly like my eng class bt ive done all my homeworks lah arghh. so im stil thinking if i should go or giv it a miss.

okay, fri i din went sch &slept like a dead pig &hm til sch dimissed &went out t study with anna after tt den t sch fer night class from 6 t 8pm. bt headed bac hm after tt. my friday was like so waste away i supposed :x
saturday was good cos i met up with dear(: we went t catch painted skin &i swear it was bravo! &you wont regret watching it though e poster wasnt tt attractive. its was like damn romantic lah lol. so go watch it ppl :) we had lunch movie icecream together den t his hse. suppose t help him rearrange his stuffs &all bt end up playing with his lil bro again hahaha. ok, so bacc @10pm. dear promise me t buy me new helmat nxt week when he gets his pay yeahooo!~ im like always sharing helmat with his frens &i dont like it lah grrr. ok, nw im at least satisfied :) midnight study with gfs fer like 2hours only &sis chased me hm. how sad.

ok, sun was way too boringggggggg K. i slept so late &woke up so early &stone lol. all e way til 2 &now im thinking what ive done fer e whole morning lol. tutorial was boring too. i had like so little qns t ask nt bcos i know alot bt bcos mt stomach was being naughty again :( plus my tution teacher almost fell asleep when i was doing my own revision ha. tday was so nt my day K. i was bout t meet dear t j8 &sis refused t let me out. im so furious &din wana go hav dinner with my family. i went t buy my porridge alone &im rather happy k. done with all e hse work &awaiting fer my superband final t start now. quick can? im bored.
i like 'tu zi' so i want them t win!~ :D
if nt 'yi shi jie' also nt tt bad bt i think 'san yue' sings e&rock e best lol -_-

sorry fer e long post again teeheehee^^ 6more weeks t go!~ goodluck dudes :)