November 06, 2008

final lap

exams finally coming t an end(: teehee. left with sci mcq only. so we celebrated end-of-exams ytd lol. went northpoint t catch 'Rec' &it was so disgusting! creature &anna hide under e seats because thy said if thy continue t watch thy wil vomit. e show made us all giddy __ northpoint is renovating! guess everyone knows xcept me :X wil visit thr again when its fully build. it look so similar t amkhub or mayb so vivo-ish. NICE k!~

aftermath, bac t amk den dear came fetch me hm. i was suppose t meet him tday bt my menses is here again :( stomach cramp almost killed me! so sad so sad. i lied on my bed from last night 2am t 5pm jus now :'( yet another day. tmr gg t work! hope it wil b fun though i think it wil not hais. did you ppl watch e 7pm show? 'shi xiong di'. uber hilarious. cant keep my off tv from 7pm till now. stil watching... hahahah. waiting fer e 10pm show 'nu ren bu yi zuo' HEEEEEEE

oya, so e new president of America. OBAMA! so damn COOLie lah!~ (:
After the euphoria of his historic election win Barack Obama got down Thursday to choosing a presidential team that faces a mountain of problems, not least the economic crisis and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
so world peace!~