November 08, 2008

everything remains ,nothing changes

Hell-O! the first day bac t work was a blast. almost evrything remains e same xcept tt i dont see much familiar faces anymore &im kinda sad bt well.. life goes on. so cheers fer those new ones i saw tday (: crowd wasnt as bad as before too ,it came as late as 8pm &im crocs pumps are actually giving me losta problems. it hurt my toe nails so much cos thy are long now &it gave me 2huge blister :"( i cant even walk probably doing setting can?! bf lend me his shoes bt it was giantic so every 5steps i walk ,it kept falling off hahaha. elias being e best manager ever went out t buy me plaster teehee. he's sweet, i swear. though we dont always hav long talks or whatever. im soso sure tt he treats his staffs BEST(: my stomach cramps finally stop this evening! prolly because im drinking more water &less heaty food? erm yeah. good girl. *clapclaps* tmr working 12 t 10! i hope i wil b energetic so i needa get some beauty sleep now. goodbye. love all!


kinda many tags so i reply here k. sorry fer e inconvience :X
tags reply here!*
cheesiang: really like that video(:
esther: so sweet right? lol. me too! i love it tons~

Cybil.: ha! yesyes! O's ending already. I'm waiting to date you out ):
esther: okay. i msg you when im free ok bt prolly nt these couples of week cos im v busy wit work &upcoming prom + class chalet. msg you soon ok :)

dongfang (:: hey esther (: ! link me ! thanks !
esther: no prob! linked(:

creature: whooooos!so pretttttty!hahahaha!those art,i tel u fantastic mannnn!!
esther: you mah ,nt me K. you A1 student eh. pray tt i score at LEAST a B after your help teehee(: seeyou soon MISSES*

passerby ;DD: any idea how much you bought for th coach sling bag ?
esther: my sis gave it to me. ard $300+

JOLENE: Sis, O's is going to voer soon right ? Good for you Enjoy yourself after O's . Love <3
esther: yup. thankyou! tt day see you no chance t talk t you. nxt time K! tkc (:

[J][E][N][S][O][N]™: heyhey long time no c...hows life?
esther: hello! im fine. youuuuuuuuuuuu?

winting: esther jiejie, jiayous for your paper yoyo(:
esther: thanks! you cheerup K. always see your blog like sadsad de.

14: yeayea! obama!
esther: yesyesyes! president barack obama!~ lol