November 22, 2008

prom night &class chalet was totally awesome(: we rilly play so hard fer the pass few days &guess evryone is having a good rest at home now bt im sure some working hard like me too.

bac t topic ,PROM. wasnt even looking a lil bit forward t it at first because my mindset was like wasting a whole huge chunk of money fer one night &wont b wearing them anymore or so bt i was wrongwrong WRONG. it pratically turn out so fun &interesting. everyone looks gorgeous &charming i swear! esp, the prom king &queen (Evon &Daniel). i didnt had chance t tak pic wit them but they was rilly good in any sense i guess so thy both rilly ought t b e winners :D so i had emost embarrassing moment &that was catwalking on e stage &answer tt stupid question. i talk alot of crap bt i jus wasnt goood at at these. i cant even utter a word standing infront of so many ppl. wanli &i was like ,PLEASE GET OVER SOON,WE WAN T LEAVE THE STAGE hahahahah. yeah, bt guess this might b a once in a life time chance lol. anw.. my dress was kinda falling off &i kept pulling guess everyone notice. bt thank god if u never lol. guess i gt small breast &tts e reason t why i had t kept pulling. ok... STOP it esther. the guys gona come after you fer saying you gt small breast again lol. an,, the food was good &fillg fer me. plus e last part where evryone dancing on e dance floor as so damn cool lah. though i duno hw t dance ,bt seeing them all dance was a great pleasure teeheehee :D

Chalet was good even thought all e girls almost died of bordem seeing e guys game or wat so ever bt this was e last few time we gathered tgt as one big family again. bt of cos of cos i hope thr wil b a million more times befors i die hahahahah :X i saw all e pics in anna's blog during e 3days chalet &all e proms photos. i cant control myself &burst into tears. i know...we wil stil b friends &FRIENDSFOREVER(: bt i jus cant bear t see us nt seeing each other anymore on weekdays. how we actually drag ourselves off bed early in e morning at 6am nt t study bt t see each other. (i rilly hearts them lots.) if you ever giv me a chance again i wil stil wana b in 3F 4F 5F with all of you ppl. we had good &bad times tgt. you saw me cry &how i saw everyones laughter... i cant wait t see all these again. perhaps.. 10years down e road.. all of us work in e same company? who knows? in short , I LOVE YOU 5F :D :D :D :D &all e teachers tt teaches us esp . MR GANA <3