December 16, 2008

hello, im here t blog again! cos my sis is nt ard &i get t use her lappy!!!

yesterday after chalet went hm rest den met up with alicia at tpy t orchard. yesssssssh, finally. met up. so we went fareast first &i bought 2dress againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! den saw keesoon &keith there &den qiaohui came over. so shop ard had dinner den qiaohui went off. headed t heeren &saw nic working at mooks. cine den botakjones fer supper den cab home.
its a long time since i last cabbed by myself cos alicia want t go hm late &she insisted t tak a bus &fer me i was late fer home so i hav no choice bt t cab :( e Erp was killer ,rilly. cos me 15bucks bac hm roar!!!

tday ,as suppose t work bt sis want me t go her office t help her &so i cancelled work :x i woke up late so din wana bother t think bout what t wear again so i wore e same thing as ytd... lol. xcept tt there are diff colours. hahaha. e christmas cards and new yr calender was a blast. sososososo many! few hundreds of them ,luckily i wrote some e other time alr. so i work from 2 t 7pm den off alone t shop at Amara. &know what? bought 2t shirts! lol. baby gona scold me if he knows again :(

tmr gg out with baby! i miss him alr hahahahaha. seeing him in few hours time! hope our plan wil go smoothly! yay yay(: