December 10, 2008

monday was anna's! her hm ,tpy den t her work place! yeahyeah(: totally njoyed e time with my GFS! alicia!!!! whr are you???????? i missssssssssssss you! see this den text me k! miss all! muackkkkk!!! hahahah

went t highlights my hair with creature @ her aunt salon. im quite satisfies though it wasnt tt obvious(: yes. i think its nice so i like it teehee. i think e colours shos more clearly in e pictures above tt i took with anna.
ok, bac t topic. after tt was shoppin sprees. yeap, goodbye god damn lots money again :( luckily i go a big bad t stuff everythings inside hahahah. so we stroll t haji lane tt evening fer further spree BUT.. we got e wrong way &poor us gonna walk a long way :( hile we were pass e e malay mos ,guess what? we smelled something strange. creature says it was elephant shit &i said it was like hippo smelll lol. nevertheless it was sheeps! our all time fav! so cool K1 it was like more than a hundred of them(: so we started taking pics.
hari raya haji is t slaughter millions of sheeps t worship e god? :((((((
(yes! so mean -bt no offence)
im sooooooooooo sad after hearing this :( e sheeps we sa was there only fer a day &wil b gone e nxt :( e guy in e mos even told us t go bac thr e nxt day t watch how thy kill them :( creature &i as HUH :((((((((((((((((((((((((((( so poorthing. &e guy talking t us was smiling away :( sadsadsad!!