December 11, 2008

okay. sorry fer e few previous SHORT post. i wasnt free bt yet i wan t post &so thy are all full of spelling errors &short forms :x now i finally have time cos i get t wor at 5pm tmr(: wil b gg fer a jog IF i wake up early tmr. i certainly hope i wil cos i hasnt been exercising fer almost e past two months. god shit.

ok, so tday was out with baby again(: we caught 'BOLT' at causeway point. well, guess u guys dont need e t say. the movie was hilarious! esp e black cat 'miaomiao' lol. black cat" sry i cant rmb everything you say. they was like huh? what? whatever? LOLOLOL. i like tt part. it mak me laugh my lungs out :D &so e ending was touching again. almost t tears again bt NO k. if nt dear wil call me cry baby :( so overall.. THUMBS UP!