January 01, 2009

happy 2009!(:
a brand new year equals t a brand new start so yipee! met up wit baby &headed t vivo fer lunch &shopping den hougang mall in e evening. got his little bro a new wallet &a toy gun. his bro is attending pri1 this friday. getting a lil bit nervous fer him too. cos normally ppl dont get use of e change from kindergarden t pri sch so.. hope it goes well smoothly(:
down t baby's hse t watch 'xiao niang re'! (best show ever) den his parents bought dinner back fer us & night market aftermath. brought his bro along this time &i swear we look like some underage parents lolololol.
bac t his hse ,watch e countdown show &guess what? right from his window, we can actually see e fireworks! how great hahah. so thats was my new yr celebration(: my last min of 2008 &first min of 2009 ith baby! short &sweet(:

so hope yours too...
happy 2009 again
with much love, esther<3