February 02, 2009

ive finally got time t update my blog. sorry t keep you ppl waiting. seriously im nt a liar so pls dun accuse me of lying cos i dont like it grr. &i know i sucks. thanks lol. alright, bac here. i was trying so hard t figure out y my photos cant goes into my com &after an hour i finally knew cause my cam was dead (no batt). & gtfreakinggggggg fuming with myself!

den resize ALL e pictures &i cant save it t in 'pictures' so i save it @destop. BUT... whos knows e stupid destop only got limited spaces &all my other half of e photos r all gone! sigh. been like wasting my time from e time i came bacc t work til now! so thats all e pics i gt now &i UPLOADED all alr. sorry tt thy wasnt in order due t my laziness :( been working everyday since i came bac so pls ,spare me :x lol

e rest of e pics wil b here soon ok(: hehe. so , cny was great again though i only had like 4 pathetic angbaos. lol. bangkok was good. many nice &cheap things. moreover.. its nt messy there anymore(: oya, i had e chance t tie my hair. i duno whats e name of tt hair bt many ppl say its nice & i like it v much. i jus untie it ytd bcause my hair was itchy alr lol. got my french manicure done there, massage &caught e 'ah gua' show. goodygood!

thats bout it. gtg now. stil got t work tmr. goodnight awesome ppl ,sweetdream. loves :D