February 28, 2009

this picture is so appealing lol. it actually makes me feel happier after seeing all this stupid pictures i took ytd. thanks anna fer your cam!~ im sick againnnnnnnnn. sick in e head &in e heart. i never stop crying til tday. okay, i admit. im a crybaby. so what? boohoo. im staying up again cause i wan t watch 100% entertainment later. 20more mins t go so i decided t blog again t keep it happier cos i think it wil b v sad if i dont blog haha. pls tel me sleeping late is good fer health. if nt im gg t go crazzy.

adora says my hair is long alr. finally someone said tt. ive been waiting fer ppl t say tt cos my frens says my hair dont grow. i tink its like growing pretty fast alr lah.

okay, so ytd i went RP wit sis &with e greatest disappointment again. that v rude counter girl spoiled my day. we went all e way down &she told us one sentence , 'if e website shows tt its stil processing means u got t wait fer e second batch results which is til 30march'. wthhhhh right? so we went off. t sis workplace fer pasta de warakuuuuuuuu!~ damn yum bt it was over filling hahah. cos we gt discount &xtra portion of food. upload e food pictures when im free again &u wil know how much both of us actually eat. aftermath, went doubyghaut alone t get e application fer mdis. so if i dont get into RP, most slightly studying there. bt ive decided t apply fer e june in take cos i hav t wait fer RP results first. arghhh. so sick. nvm bout it now. put it aside.

as fer now, i wan t save money! rilly want to! ive been spending soooooooooo much. ive bought 8 pairs of shoes (slippers ,sandals ,pumps) in e month of feb. this is not normal i think &its like too over spending. i hav t save up fer my phone bill &sch fees. cos i told sis i wil b paying half. god damn. so work work work work work!

gtg fer my show nw ,goodnights ,sweetdreams dudes :)