March 10, 2009

back in action :) time flies! mum &sis coming bac tmr alr. so my last 2days was spend at e hospital with alicia. she jus finished her surgery &i believe she'll gg t b fine soon! so sunday i went over t gave her a surprise as i mention in e previous post. i rilly did it K. i didnt told her i was gg. &e first ting i woke up was t bathe, get change &went over t buy her balloons &flowers. how sweeeeeet i know haha. so she was V touch e moment she saw me!
alicia is sucha a crybaby like me or mayb even worse lol. bt guess everything is fine now &we wil b gg partying soon yeah?
tday was t anna hse ,gt her herbal teas &gave her a surprise too. im such a BEST friend please :x cos i made both of them happy &im happy too. so u two better get well soon laaaaa. lets go eat botakjones when u all recover K. xoxo.
went connies's bbq e other day fer her bday celebration. tmr wil b her bday alr! happy birthday connie! as well as monkey! &&agatha too! best wishes t you guys &loveuuuuuuuu :)
&now, lets e peektures talk K. im tired alr. burbye!~