March 25, 2009

im working 2part time jobs now. botakjones & office work. being a admin isint tt easy afterall. most importantly is i get a good pay ,so why nt? though working two jobs can kills ,bt besides working now ,all i do is sleep &shop. so i rather earn den spend lol. ive been skipping meals fer e past few days. i think im losing weight. getting skinner &skinner :(( sobsob. i actually skipped breakfast &lunch today. i tried t eat alotttttt fer dinner bt it doesnt seems t work. my tummy stil feels so weird nw arghhhhhhhh. i dont have any off day this week. suppose t be tday bt i went office t help again. guess i wont b having any off days nxt week too. anw.. i haven gt RP reply yet :( stil waiting bt guess i dont hav t put much hopes. was suppose t meet ky fer dinner bt in e end cant make it so i had t eat alone. i cant sign new line &get new phone tday cos thy say i need a student pass or something. i cut my finger again tday. its so nt my day tday. damn sicko. so... i spend tons of cash again. feeling lil bit guilty bt bt who cares? i can always earn them back. lalala.. time t slp. tmr working at 10am! hope i wont b late. class chalet tmr night. yayyay :) i cant wait t see my class again !~

ps: i wana watch confession of a shopaholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!