March 06, 2009

oh, my menses are here like finally. haha. i know i shouldnt b writing this here bt lololol.. its been 2months. i thought something was wrong with me only until my pimples start popping out &cramps start coming again..
been working fer e past couples of days. tmr finally off:) am gg connie's bday celebration. im happy! i duno why. mayb because i dont hav t worry who i go out with or when &where i go anymore. most importantly i love bitching with my gfs!!
work been giving me headaches :( some new collegues etc. i miss ben nel victor jr alr! anw, most prob gg t oyp botakjones work after this or nxt week. i seriously hope i wil like e enviroment there though pratically everyone asked me nt t transfer there. esp elias. bt bt bt ,ive made up my decision so lets be it &hope i dont regret &get use t e new place &love e new peoples :) god bless.
i jus had a glass of hot milo &im feeling damn high! lol. cos its raining again &i damn love it! though i love rainy days .pls dont rain tmr cos i wan bbq ah! teehee. i miss shopping! haven been buying stuffs fer a week &my hands are itchy alr. okay, im gg t save up fer some cosmetics nw :) hw vain. ok, byebye! :)