March 18, 2009

thats me &my char siew bun before i went work tday haha. please dont get scare by e pictures. im friendly :) lol. work so tiring tday.. bt i guess others was more tiring cos only thing i did was order i i felt kind of bad cos i took e order way too fast &everything was like all messed up. cant blame it on e new trainee too though he was rilly slow bt his stil new i guess. everyone needs a chance t learn. went home at 1030pm &home sweet hm with creature &zhiwei. creature's daddy came fetch us from yck mrt with e dog again haha. how sweet.

few days back when we was at clementi botakjones t visit ben &we've gt swanky franky ,300g lamdchops &3wings free HAHA. thanks gay ben :) lol. anw,does he resemble julian hee? i always tink he do bt everyone jus going againt wit it. nvm. all e best t u after u leave botak ben! we all loves u hehe.
gtg bed now. working 11am tmr. lalala....