March 11, 2009

(this in my olevel art piece. i got a B4 for that anw :X)

been eating like a pig this few days. fastfood again &again. i know i hav t cutcutcut down! stil, e temptation of chocolates &ice cream always made my plan fail :( bt ive cut down on softdrinks alr. drinking more orange juice rather than coke &lemon tea fer e past one month. lalala... im such a pro. clapclaps* anw, does anyone know how t gain weight? like anything t eat t make u grow fat fast? does eggs,yogurt &milk rilly helps? i wan t hit 50kg when im 18. which is like 3more months from now. &its like 5kg away.. i hope i can cos i rilly wish t donate blood by then like how my sisters does. i wan i wan! bt i heard tt u must hav at least a minimum weight of 50kg. this is so saddening! boohooo~ im afraid of pain bt i wan t help others &i think this is rilly meaningful :)

so, i was stucked at hm fer e whole of tday cos my sisters &mother r back. e renovation in my hse finally ended. e chores i had t do was like piles! feeling so restless. so i jus finished painting my nails &reading my magazine hahaha. i saw a chanel tote bag &i so love it. bt its way beyond budget. so... goodbye my love haha. i shall hunt fer another cheaper one! oh ya, im gona get a new makeup pouch cos e old one is damaged. yafoooo~