April 26, 2009

currently watching star awards.. thought jeanette aw would get e lead actress award bt instead joanna peh got it. weird. bt thy all looks gorgeous with those pretty dresses. &&&,, chen han wei got lead actor!! whoohoo! i know my classmates gonna start telling me hes a gay again. right? HAHAHAH

my face looks scary now. sis jus help me with this whitening face mask. i look like a ghost :x my pimples are multiplying :( i need t sleep more. i dont like working morning shift cos i always dont get enough sleep. bt it seems like for e nxt few following weeks i'll b working morning....

my sister getting me a lappy! yeah~~ i dun hav t fight over com t go online anymore after i get my own laptop. totall yayness! stil ,i hav t pay half of it which of cause i dun rilly mind :)

ive spend $200 in less than 24hours tsktsk. i shall save for my lappy n phoney! 1more week t get hold of my new phone. cant wait! wheeeeeee~

i wana paint my nails ,dye my hair ,do more shopping ,meetup with my gfs &of cos go out with someone soon..

i need t start planning a timetable before may starts.
im happy because you say you wil make me happy& i know you are happy which makes me happier *wink