April 04, 2009

gello, im here again.feeling kind of high now cos i jus finished my macdonalds :) finished work at 6pm with bryant. supposed t go straight bacc home cos i knew i seriously stink after work bt gt e temptation of drinking bubble tea so alighted at tpy with bryant. wanted t find my mum cos shes working thr bt she went bac home alr. zzZ... instead of me accompanying him bacc t tpy ,he accompany me t wait fer my bus in e end lol. i wanted t go out so much tnight bt afterall bryant is right. im going out almost everyday. e only way t stop spending is t stay home. so i went home ,sweep/mop e floor, fold e clothes ,tidy e entire study desk &den 2hours was gone hahaha. see, i spend my time wisely tday :)

i dont like work tday :( im getting lazier &lazier t go work day after day. &that might b because i dont like working with mikee. he's rilly such a asshole sometimes. i was merely telling him that this customer got his ribeye eaten by e crow &he asked IF he could change fer a new one bcause he din even ate a mouthful of it&e fact is that he was on e table with e food when e crow came &not that he went away leaving e food there. &if you dont wana change a new one fer him. its perfectly fine as he's willing t pay fer a brand new. why do u hav t shout at me? i dont like ppl shouting at me. &most importantly it wasnt even my fault at all! y dont u jus get yourself t e customer instead. so what if you are busy at e point of time. everyone elses was. boohoo. &e 2 orders that was asked fer changing wasnt me who key wrong is e customer who change their mind &wanted t change e order. u key an xtra sirloin after tt &you jus void it away. it was your fault &no one could scold you. how unfair! nxt week almost everyday working with keekee &rodi in e morning! yahooooo!

so ytd, we went bugis fer soup spoon or spoon soup. haha. ok i ferget. nice soup &sandwhiches though :) aftermath was confession of e shopaholic ! bravo! i dont understand why some ppl says its nt nice :X shopping after movie &den down t causeway point fer dinner with daddy at crystal jade. &theres goes $200 fer his bday bt definitely worth it i guess. he might nt b e best t others bt always &ferever our bestest daddy! happy bday daddy! hope u enjoyed yourself! duno when will e nxt time we'll b meeting up again :( ewwwwww

im currently reading 'change of heart' by jodi picoult. nice book. 3chapters alr. gonna continue reading later after my show :)

goodbye t my LGicecream cos sis jus called &told me she bought me a mini iphone from oversea. i hope its as gd as iphone. e stock hasnt come t singapore yet, so i might b e first singaporean having it! hope i'll like it!

im gg t trim my eyebrowns tmr! lalalala..