April 28, 2009

i am watching tv and eating chocolate now.yes. what a fabulous life. thank you very much.

today is a happy cum sad day xoxo. someone made me cry den smile. yah, somebody who call himself an idiot &made me like an idiot. you made my day again :) &you know what. now i prefer t b a listener like you instead of talking. nxt time i jus keep quiet &you talk more KKK.

i did something a girl shouldnt do (what a brave soul). im glad &i knew you was :) GGGGGreentea tsktsk.

work was v slack due t e heavy rain this afternoon. pathetic sales of 90bucks lol. that is like not even enough t pay e staffs :x so we were jus sitting ard rotting e whole noon. theres this new girl from philippines who actually talk alot. so i wont b bored at work anymore. cause theres someone t crap with me :) &&&what i wana say is ,im v amazed by how e phlippines girls celebrated their 18th birthday. its like wowwww! V wowww. i wana b philippino too LOLOLOL.

tmr is pay day! yayyyyyyyyyy~
i wil go slp by 12pm :D promised.
ps: i cant wait for saturday partyyyyyyy!~