April 09, 2009

its 2.31am now &i hav t wake up 8am tmr morning fer work.im dying soon i guess.

had a good chat with my ladies tnight &im happy. yes again. i was at e 617 garden from 10pm t 1am. hoping t see someone but sad t say ..no fate.

ive been thinking too much these couples of days. i need t stop it right now. less hope = less disappointment? yeah?

i cant wait t get my new levis red specs!! lalalalala
my phone actually dead tday. currently using my sis spare phone. so e mini iphone was basically a cheena one. so it was rejected by me lol. sis coming bac t buy me e LG one. hoorayy.

i ate aston fer dinner with my girlfriends jus nw &i had a chance t catch up with brian &klesier. how great.

thats all fer now.

love me before i die. haha