May 11, 2009

im at my sis office now. so slack so bored. i finished e whole chunk of paper work this morning so im left with nth t do now. i went novena for lunch jus now. burger king. yes ,fast food again. at least e cheesebgr with bacon taste way nicer than botak one hahaha. 2 1/2 more hours now t go. freaking cold here. i wana get out of here quick. i hasnt gt my phone yet bt mum say she gona sign a new plan for me! so now i need t go find where samsung f480pink in stil avaliable teehee. gappy belated mother's day!~

i was looking for my nitendo this morning bt i couldnt find so i asked my bro. guess what? he brought it out without my permission &spoiled my crystal cover. so i made a big fuss early in e morning &it kind of spoil my day. shall go get a new one if i hav time these couple of days. arghhhhh. i think e girls/women in my family are all pretty bad temper. i dun wan this kind of genes t run in me :x

k, i shall go online shopping &see if theres anything nice!