May 20, 2009

im done wit all e registration &fees for mdis thingy. wil b startring sch on e 1st of june.kind of excited now. hope i meet nice ppl &get into same class as alicia. well ,hopefully study hard too lol.

ive got plans for my bday alr bt nt yet confirm. wil tel you ppl when im 100%confirm with e date &timing k. i went work at yishun tday. v quiet &boring place bt its always nice for me t meet new ppl.

finally went t meet ger after 123456789times we said we wil meet for study. our schedule jus nv match. went over t her place after studying t play wit her hamsters teehee. cute. rilly cute ones :)

i wan t go swimming tmr! my stupid idiotic sis kept scaring me say tt i wil meet perverts atpublic simming pools :S i think i did a good deed. im giving away my clothes t someone who need it more than me. i wish my clothes get a good owner &wish e owner wil love them :)

i come t an extend tt i feel having you ard is like a habit. a daily rountine. oh gosh, this is rilly bad i know. thanks making feel jealous every now &then ,making me believe tt im one of e nicest thing on earth &of cos being happier than ever. though i know one day you wil jus disappear & no longer be by my side .i stil wana thank you for once coming into my life :)

ps: i wana b better than wagyu, lambchop ,freeflow coke & her :P