May 29, 2009

its 3.22 am now. im feeling so restless arghhh :<
its been a long time since i stay up late &go online.
whooohooo. i guess everyone misses me badly.

well... needless for me t say. days had always been great with flabby &my girlfriends around.
so anyway ,i went down clementi t find elias yesterday. stil as sweet as ever. Yikes. cant stand him. i need t feed these people lemons so they wont sweet talk anymore.

steamboat with my 4lovelys just now. though the food wasnt very appealing but we had a fun time laughing our ass out. and stop it siaotong. we know your friends are ALL very funny. we know we know.hahahaha. see you on sunday. please dont make me laugh until i throw out K. stil, loveu.

after much rest from my sleepless night , im finally up &kicking! im full of energy even at this hour. but my poor silly think-that-he-is-very-strong-man is superduper tired which got me so worried. sleep well for goodness sake. i hope you dont get headache or fall sick. pray hard. busy mugging wil be over soon. no more soccer for you! &no more dating with me! sleep more , eat well ,study hard. yes, you are grounded :) dont b naughty &try t do something funny again K. 2more weeks t goooooooooo. :-*

its 29june(ps siaotong, May i meant) already! which means 3more days before june is here. yayfoo~ june sounds good. gona b a busy month &hopefully happiest month of the year again. confirmed having bbq on the 6june evening already. so if you are thinking why hasnt i invite you. dont worry. you are invited if you are from 5F'08. Everyone single one from 5F. &some other people from some other land. wil msg you guys again. so please make yourself free on that day if possible. mr gana wil b coming anyway :D

im coming t a point t control myself from being unrealistic &the dreamer part of me. time t set some goals in life Esther.

ahhhh.. &i stil wan t gain weight so badly! GRRR. im hungry Ohready. i need food before i can sleeeeeeeeep

and and and, i wil reply my tags soon. sorry ah. lazy zzZ..


SINGAPORE (AFP) — A 22-year-old Singaporean woman who returned from New York has tested positive for swine flu, in the city-state's first confirmed case, the Ministry of Health said.
"Singapore has confirmed its first case of influenza A(H1N1)," the ministry said in a statement.
It said the patient was being treated at a communicable disease centre and was in a stable condition.

The woman was in New York from May 14-24, returning on a Singapore Airlines flight on Tuesday, during which she developed a cough.
The ministry said all her "close contacts" will be quarantined and provided with antiviral medication.

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