May 05, 2009

ive been crying for e past hour. feeling so helpless now &i duno who t talk to. finally speak up t my sis jus now &all i got was a good scolding.yes , i cried so hard again. why m i so freaking weak? why?! i rilly dun feel like studying anymore. i dun wana go mdis anymore. i hate myself for not having confident. before i start doing something i tel myself i wil fail &therefore i dun wana try. she asked me for an answer by tmr b4she go oversea. i tink i wana giv up on mdis &cont working &studied for tt 2olevel credits. yes? no? m i rilly selfish like what my sis say? do i only think bout myself?
&now she say she dun wan get e lappy for me anymore! so.. i shall get one for myself.

my bro woke up &started sending me new songs &talked t me. feeling kind of better now. bt i stil wish someone was there.i dun wana drag anyone into this &be upset with me. so i swear i wil b happy when i wake up tmr! promised =)