May 21, 2009

so i rilly went swimming tday :) guys must b thinking.. i dun even know how t swim how t go swimming right? i jus float on e water &soaked myself for an hour haha. e best thing bout public swimming pools is that ..the canteen food are always sooooooooooooo delicious. i bought $7worth of finger food &bused down t orchard. far east for shopping! bought 1top, 2shorts ,1pair of sandal :) i always buy things when im feeling happy or sad. bt i cant express my feeling for tday... walked t youthpark t work after that. my collegues were all so nice. had fun working tnight. hopefully tmr too x)

hafiz trying t b sweet here. thnks anw

geraldine hamham

look alike right? thy both run e same genes lol