June 21, 2009

peek-a-boo! im baccccccccccck! finally some free time for me t blog. been an exhausted week. had t wake up early every single day. either t work or sch &e worse thing was .. i went out everyday :x need t catch up on my beauty sleep soon. pimples multiplying! i dun wana become pimple face :'(
anyway, i wil stil b going out tmr! going cycling again. yes again. so excited! duno why also. &so im so gona sleep early so that i wil hav lots of energy t cycle with my pretty basket bicycle hahahahah.
school was pretty fun with some lovely classmates ard but jus a few bumps here &there spoiled everything. perhaps i was jus way too paranoid... school work is kind of piling up. exams in 2weeks time. nothing can help me now except LUCK lol. gona study hard after these few days of fun i promise. next week study week. wil study more than anything else. even meeting YOU :(
kbox with my gfs on thur noon. my face look v white on all e photos. i duno why oso. my makeup &e lighting jus didnt blend hahaha. needless t say. had fun with all those craziness again. creature came only at night. had dinner tgt &there goes those gossip again :D
prata on friday afternoon. then vivo t caught 'i love you, man' with flabby~ headed t henderson waves after that. stop saying im a mountain turtle K. well, just wana tel you know that was one of e best place you brought me to so far. i wana go there again!~ always feeling so lucky t hav you ard though i only know you for 3 months :) you are somebody that i can talk bout everyting. EVERYTHING. my family ,my gfs ,my ex bfs, my pimples ,my friends ,work ,even from e things i do when i wake up til i sleep ,&even my MENSES lol. you just never get tired or irritated by e things i say. which i know im so nagging at times hehehe. thankyou baby~

kbox ,movies, dinners etcetc. been spending like hell. especially on food. zzZ. worked ytd &today but its not even enough t pay all these expenses :X
happy father's day t all daddy! dun b sad anna. you got e best mum in e world! she make a good mum + dad. better treasure her K! see u tmr.
gona giv my daddy a cal now! den cal flabby den sleep.
k bye k bye k bye