July 14, 2009

ice age3 was rilly hilarious. the weird creature with the eyes apart &unbalance front tooth rilly reminds me of baby hahahah. he gonna kill me if he see this here :X flabby is sick AGAIN. i remember i wrote a post not long ago bout him being sick. now he is ill again. not like me. so strong. one day down with fever &im fine nowwww :D no movie for you on thursday if you are stil sick tomorrow ok!

let me remind myself &tel all of you again ive got e best bf in e world. he actually let me go out with another guy alone today. thats how much he trusted me though i know he was jealous. that guy was just a colleague of mine. bt friends ONLY. nothing more. dont worry baby! i stil love you v much :D
girlfriends want t meet for dinner again tomorrow night. omgggawdd. we just never get sick of each other. this picture above was weeks ago when 5of first online together &chat together. after knowing each other for 5years, that was the first time we all go online together.
gonna go bed now. gonna go back t work tomorrow already. arghhhhh. restless :O

goodnightttttttttttttttttt !~

with love,