August 17, 2009

you've got too much expectations

caught UP , orphan &where got ghost already!
allllllll nice movies siol(:

stay home for the entire day. been a good girl. did the chores by myself again. anyway, im almost done with creature bday surprise. need t start studying tomorrow.

ate alot tday :D nasi lemak ,uncle's cooking ,honey stars ,&now bread. i wana gain weight ,very please.

saturday had a great time out with baby :D duno when wil b the next time t spend the whole day with you again. probably after our exams. fishball noodles &peking duck at ion! YUMYUMYUM.
sunday was yoga with bestie. very tiring yet so fun. right right? i like fried sweet potatoes too creature!

all bout food & eating.
now im craving for subway...