August 03, 2009

i can finally upload photos but aint in a good mood now. so shall give it a miss again. maybe tomorrow when im feeling better. (my tomorrow seems never coming)

my fever turns into headache &now sore throat. very bad one. i wil go visit the doctor again tomorrow (tomorrow wil never come again) if my throat stil hurts. i never get such miserable sore throat before. this is really killing me. everytime i swallow my saliva i feel like taking a knife and poke into my throat and tell it to stop hurting me so badly :( this is exactly how pain it is. not exaggerating. the weird thing is that , i stil got my voice despite of this terrible throat infection i should say. i can talk non-stop and this is the best way t keep me pain-free. just that my mouth wil b full of saliva when im talking. kind of funny. like people with braces on HAHA

at least i went for sharon's bday celebration ,work &yoga! teeheehee

the next thing i wanna say is.. anyone who has comment about my bf please seriously keep them t yourself. he might not b good-looking ,tall ,fit etc etc t you all.. but definitely e best man who treat me on earth. i hate people giving bad comments bout shutup okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. although he said that he might not b hurt or affected but i know he is. even if he is not , I AM! he is my bf ,not yours, dont have t tel me 101 bad things bout him t let me leave him cause i wont. i would probably leave him oneday when i stop loving him or i die. (or when he dump me) and i jolly well have t surrender t fate that i am the luckiest girl in the world who had met him before any others do. i know i know.. he might b a little straight forward at times but i know he never meant t hurt anyone before.

hai, now im feeling guilty for waking him up from his precious beauty sleep just now. im sorry :x i wish we had more time for each other too.

10 hours of sleep should be more than enough for me. no lesson tomorrow! going cycling with classmates! dont jealous k people xoxo.

wan an men zhu zhu! ha ha