August 25, 2009

the world never stop spinning for anyone.
too many people just go pass my life
plucked a flower for me
and then leave
i need t treasure them
before they leave too soon

every morning i wake up and look into the mirror, i ask myself. when wil my exams be over?

been sleeping late recently. though i slept more than 10hours everyday. my fugly eyebags are getting from bad t worse :(

happy birthday creature! its your actual birthday today! k, this is like the dunno how many times ive wished you. stil, may you be bless with the BEST in everything:)

tomorrow off day from mugging. OUT for luxury buffet. dont jealous K people! this is only for a group of pretty girlfriends whom friendship are unbreakable birthday celebration hahaha. thats crap.

baby turn in so early tonight as he's having exam tomorrow. ive got faith in him. i know he wil definitely do well :D goodluckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk eng cai jie!~ (this is call power of love!) MUACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK x10000000

this world have just too many pretty faces ,rich ass ,and talented people.
they just make me feel nothing _|_