October 08, 2009

dont't let the music stop

been sleeping alotttttt these days... guess no one in my class sleep at 8.30pm everynight and still complain tired like me. theres seriously something wrong with me. working later at 5pm. hopefully wont doze off in class tomorrow. finally last day of school tomorrow! hahahaha. so looking forward t weekends suddenly. at least i dont have t get up before the sun rise.

yesterday went library t study with anna. like any other time, we gossip more than study. got our eyebrown trim too :) i love sexy thin eyebrowns. starting t get use t my hair. not as curly as the first day i permed anymore. im sure all my classmates are getting use t it too. oh yeah, forgot t mention.. bought 4D yesterday. its the first time i buy and the person didnt even ask t check my IC. perhaps my hair makes me look like aunty hahaha. wil be working whole of next week except mon &tue. im so sorry cybil. i dont tink i wil b able t meet you next week with all the school work and working schedule...

i think ive been eating too much recently . needs t cut down and drink more water :D

lastly , i will be selling away some of my clothes. mostly not worn before. i will take photos of it as soon as im free. love all~