October 05, 2009

hello earthlings

im backkk


so today marks the last day of our yoga. feifei and i are thinking what t learn next? life would b boring if it only involves work and study ;x hahaha. we are looking at some courses and stil considering about what t join as some of the prices are really killer.

mustafa craziness

went mustafa with feifei creature(: her dad ask her go there for what and she exclaimed that cause esther want t buy things lor. as if she was accompanying me t buy stuff. in the end she spend more than i do zzZ. almost a hundred bucks gone in a day hahaha. sell more mooncakes lah youuuuuuuuuuuu~ we actually planned for more activities today but due t time limit and overslept ,we only went mustafa. and its how cute we was lost there and we asked 3 different indians the road there and three of them told us diff roads :x i think they want t kidnap us. therefore they anyhow tell us the road and want us t go missing... and anyway, we postpone our date t next sat again hahah. hopefully plans go out well too.

yesterday when i was perming my hair... 4hours plus doing my hair. and tadaaaaa. the outcome! i pretty like my hair but everyone who saw me was like.. wa! esther what happen t your hair? lol. most people said its nice just that i look older. so far only my 4th sis not nice ?!!!!!! arghhhh. anyway i told myself im going t keep this hair for at least 6months. so no matter what, you people have t get use t it :)
lantern festival

had a wonderful night with my girls. fire crackers, lanterns, candles :D life just couldnt b better without you girls around. went for mid night movie with princess. 'surrogates'. no comments. im so not a robot person. i was forced t watch that show cause there wasnt any better show now excluding those ive watched. walked home from central and hearttalks til 4am. and when i was on the way back home i felt a little scared cause i seldom stayed out til so late so i called baby and asked him t accompany me talk til i get home. im sorry t wake you up in the middle of the night for no reason hun :S

last sunday

and this is last sunday before yoga class... we were late because SOMEONE needs t go get her pants for work... i remember i was having a terrible headache that day after yoga but after sitting under my block with feifei.. my headache gone awayyyyy. bestfriend always the best :0

school starts tomorrow! i cant wait t see my new lecturers and textbooks LOL. jkjk
nights all.ahhhhhhh im left with 6hours of sleeeeeep.