October 24, 2009

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: Welcome! Aww, I see my name on your blog post! Okay, next next week? Haha! Dying to see you, (:
esther: hahaha. yepppppp. so sorry. ive got lots to do. get back t you asap :) takecare

wanfong: your hair nice! ^^
wanfong: meet me! i wanna see!
esther: thanksyaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i wanna meet you too leh!!!!

creature: i'm only a feifei when i stand beside you)): those days we spent are jsut tooooo lovely!missyou!
esther: fei means fei hahahahahah. jap food soon cheers!~

ger: aye maggie . when are you meeting me ? plan k ? for lunch i also song ! LOL :P
ger: you plan coz you're busier than me :P
esther: song sounds wrong here. hahaha. ok. 5f girls outing!!! someone please plan!!!!

karyin: here here (:
esther: link you soooooon. you and youyi sooooooooooo sweet :D

anna: haaas! its okays la! ster-ass u are forgiven la, but i still feel so pain on my leg now ):
esther: hahahahaha :P

bry: had a great time at P. Ubin baby!! :-*
bry: :heart:
esther: hearts you too baobao :)

esther: hello smiley!

passer: hi esther , Can i know whr you bought ur headbands?
esther: mustafa ^^

anna: buy bag again !?!?! haaas! takecare girl (: drink more water :D
esther: where got again?????? im powerpuff. hahaha. recover le lo ! :)

passby: hello can i know wat your msn add?
esther: do i know you?

michelleTan: wow can see going out with u sure very fun de. seen all yr outings u had. hehehhe gonna ask u out on Dec to know more about each other. =)) get well soon~!
esther: hehehe. thanks ahhhhh:) hopefully get t meet you during my holidays.

unknown: _|_
esther: _|_ you back :D

esther: thanks. i know what you trying t do. but dont b bother with this kinda nonsense. im more than use t it :)

PS: still waiting for some photos from my friend. update soon :)