October 06, 2009

when i say jump ,you say how high

school has been pretty boring. can fall asleep in lecture hall, really. classmates as usual. most of them changed hairstyle like me but looks like i made the biggest change and everyone talking bout my maggie mee hair. some say its cool, some say its nice, so say its ugly. but whatever it is... as long as i like it ,its more than anything else that matters :) but stil thanks for all the compliments here and those in fb. you people are loved~
out with baobao today:) 'IM SOOOO GOING TO SWENSEN!' had lunch at swensen and den strolled around suntec city. failed t find my cookie monster again! sobbing. anyway, went esplanade after that and i actually fell alseep there :x i was very tired. duno why also. slept for one hour under the sun hahhahah. my first time :x den bused home... sorry baby for cutting down the time we spend together. i duno why im so tired too. but im looking forward t next week outing!~ hehe. love youuuuuuu <3 gonna turn in early again tonight. hopefully tomorrow class will be better than today's :) wil be meeting anna for some self study after sch..

til then...