November 19, 2009

the best damn thing

how bout a swim at jurong?
we thought our plan gonna fail again. we waited at chinese garden's bus stop for an hour before the rain finally stop. they say swimming in rain water isint good. but who cares? we were there already and cant bear t go home without a swim. i can stil smells chlorine on me now. lol. its creature first time there. yesssssss. duper sua ku right? the slides and lazy pool all was cooooooooool K. very little photos as we wasnt allow t take photos in the pools.
creature and i made three new friends. 3 cute adorable 13years old boys i should say. we are even planning for a outing together. can you believe it? we just know each other like few hours back only. haha. they call me jie jie and ask me why m i so old? is 18 really old? shit. age gap.
PS: they say i look like from china???? do i? K NVM.