November 22, 2009

I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

hello bitches. bimbo chen is here t blog. got the urge t remove my tagboard. no particular reason why but just feel like it. might take it off someday when im free next week? so my friends who got anything t ask/tell me can talk t me in fb or sms K.

shoppppppppppppppppppppping with anna yesterday. its been a long while since both of us go out together. as in only the both of us. dunno when will be the next time but i know definitely not soon lol. dec gonna be a extremely busy month. looking forward but not really. haha. dont know what im talking too.
so i was supposed t accompany her t do her shopping but ended up i got more things again. and my baby know me best. he know its normal for this kind of things t happen. so..far east, taka, wisma, bugis, amk. got baby's birthday present already. most of the people who saw it say its nice. credits t anna cause i had a hard time choosing which one t buy. hopefully he will like it :) met up with ks, pierre and keith for a lil while before heading home too.

basically i bought.. a skirt ,a shirt, a spag, a jacket,a legging, a dress. 6 clothing wouldnt make much different t my wardrobe i suppose? lol. im born t shop. best record = 8pairs of shoes in a month ,12 sets of clothes in a week? scary hur????? trying t stop already. dont worry. and oh yeah, im not a great fan of guess. cause guess are mostly for minas? opps. no offence. but look at my new pencil case and bracelet!!! arent they lovely????? they are free! i didnt stole them. i bought them with my vouchers. so its like free gifts, cause i didnt pay for it. omgsxsxsxsxsxsx. love them t the max.

though ive been spending a whole chunk of money again this month and wil be spending for next month.. all these money are my hard CORE earn money. soooooooo.. it doesnt bother anyone rightsxsxsxxs? talking about this... its been 5years since i took my last allowance :( i miss those good old days though its only 5bucks per day. i miss being a child. i envy everyone around me whos parents give them allowance. can i have mine too? im only 18. sobbing =C

enough of my nonsense.
im not sad at all. please.

watched guess5 last night. and got t know that gemini are the most untidy people. they are so lazy. always mess up things. never neat. thats sooooooooo me. i want my house t b neat and tidy in the future lehhhhh. and therefore... EARN MORE $ = HIRE MAID!!!! :P
theres always a solution t everythinggggggggggg. rightttttttttt? teehee

heres a little update on my next month
2 dec - submission of all 4 projects
3 dec - baby's birthday
6 dec - mr gana's wedding
12 dec - elias's birthday
16 dec - me and baby's 6th month
21 dec - marketing exam
23 dec - IT exam
24 dec - christmas party with gfs
25 dec - christmas party with family
28 dec - econs exam
30 dec- business exam
and and i want looney tunes baby!!!!!!!! when is it???
yes, just kill me someone.

seriously need t start studying.
totally no idea where should i start from?

need t work on my marketing project now.

tomorrow lab lesson and accompanying daddy t do his IC after school. when was the last time i saw him? cny? wil we have nothing much t talk about? ....

t b continue...