December 27, 2009

indulge in the things you love

im currently so into alvin and the chipmunks. chipettes too. they are sooooooooooooo kawaii. i dont mind watching again if i dont have to pay for the movie tickets. hehehe

now that all kinds of celebrations are over. time to get back to library and start mugging. i spend an hour settling down in the library this afternoon. 5long hours of study session and 50% done. contented.

been figuring hard on itunes these couples of days. everyone was telling me itunes very easy one. like a piece of cake only. but it really took me hours and days. now that songs finally going into my nano, i cant wait to put more more more nice and IN songs.

i haven been exercising since i stop going for yoga lessons. im becoming weaker. and therefore my dream of donating blood can never be fulfill. my sister says they dont even have check for my iron level in my body. by looking at me they will reject me already. besides being underweight im weaker than you can imagine. flu visit me every few days. arggggggghhh. IF i have the chance to donate someday. i will pull baby along. cause i know he is more than willing to go with me. my strong and fit(fat) baby =D (PS: I MISSYOU TOO )

im crazily obsessed over socks nowadays. no idea why. looking at all the adorable stripy colourful ones just make me go woooo-la-la . just got another three pairs yesterday.
another wish-list coming up. domokun tote bag is my next target. please hang around bugis for the next 2weeks. i'll be there after my exams to bring you home. promised :D

singapore idol final tonight. i want to watch more than anything now but my family are all die-heart fans of "AI" and so theres nothing else i can do but to continue studying...

chicken rice for dinner. anything boring-er?