December 18, 2009


IT sucks. even looking at the exams questions given, ive got no idea what its all about. im almost done with my marketing:) if only IT can be half as easy as marketing then i dont have t worry so much.

i FEEL friday. friday mood is here! im going out tonight with my family. movie then mini celebration for sis bf birthday. seems like theres many december babies. zw bday nxt week.

wil be working both tomorrow and sunday. hopefully mine marketing notes dont get out of my mind. okay, i really gonna admit my blog in boring. and its getting boring-er. sorry dudes.

anyway, my lil brother got his Nlevels results today. 19points for 5subjects. he insist t go ite instead of sec5. very stubborn. no one can change his thinking. not even my parents and sisters. so.. hopefully he wil change his mind before its too late.

christmas is coming! hows shopping people? orchard road is pack everyday. ive got some christmas gifts already. 6 in total for now. ive got 2 more t go. so broke but christmas. love presents! yayy

i want my exams t finish NOW. (two more weeks t go) and.... hello genting!