January 27, 2010

602th post

people who create christian name for themselves (eg.elizabeth christabel jane? wtf) are such attention seeker. cant stand it.

lying down flat with my netbook infront of me and munching on tibits. life hasnt been great like this for the past few weeks. i didnt get the chance to even on my lappy and therefore dont even talk about blogging.

spend 5hours cleaning up my house today. its dust/insects/mould free now. i never imagine my cabinets can be this dirty after not cleaning them for a year. the dust was more than doudou's hair and the ants were growing into hundreds. freaking scary. managed to carried all the bookshelves out of my house alone. got a small cut by the broken glass door. but looking at my living room now, more than contented :)

went back mayflower to collect my art piece this afternoon. sad to say, all three of them got theirs except me. we tried all ways we could to sneak into school to steal my canvas as teachers dont allow me to take. yet failed. on the happier note, my art piece is on display. it will still be there for at least the next few months. first floor second piece from the left. go check it out when you are free yeah.

skipped school today. hopefully someone nice help me to sign attendance. wasnt feeling well since sunday but work and school as usual on monday and tuesday. my sorethroat was killer. i even had to think twice before i swallow my saliva. im pretty fine now. everyone seems to be devil especially mum and sis. feeding me with chocolate cakes, fried chicken wings and coke. im dying soooooon.

getting my nails done tomorrow before cny.

ahhhhhhhhhhh. my legs are FAT.